Animedia Arts” core business is CG visualization, Additionally “Animedia Arts” provide IT consulting and support services including web design and hosting. “Animedia Arts” ┬áproduces animation and other IT services for it’s customers as an outsourcing partner. Major areas of our activities are.

3D Animation, Computer Graphics:

We offer clients a full range of services for broadcast. video or multimedia. We produce TV commercial. public awareness build-UP filler. corporate/industrial videos, 3D modeling and others. Contact us for all your digital content needs-from a single frame to a complete production.

Web Design

We offer you creation and support of servers for small/medium/large businesses, conceptual design, programming, graphics, registration, installation and management of servers/websites on the internet. Development of interactive cgi and java version, professional banner network, virtual stories, rating services, search engine, auctions.


You know your own goal, we’ll help you to understand whatever you nee maybe you have working IT environment in your business but are you sure at it i s optimal for your needed and safe enough? Contact us before the problems contact you

3D Animation, Computer Graphics

can help you realize your own vision, or design the sequence or full-length production you need. In addition to Our 3D animation and computer -s service we also offer a video editing service. We can edit segment Animation together to create larger animations or we can edit 3D creation a real life environment.

We can also encode this animation to any format you desire AVI, DIVX, MPEG MPEG2 Quick time, Real player, Video CID and even directly to video cassette. If YOU want to add Titles, Credits Music. Sound effect and Transition effect such as Fades and Wipes to your video, it wouldn’t be problem

We offer a full range of 3D Animation Services, including:

motion graphic composition;digital Storyboarding;

  • 3D modeling and animation,

  • 3D Animated Feature Film,

  • 3D architectural visualization;

  • 3D animated TVC/VTR;

  • cell animation;

  • special effect for video or film;

  • non-linear editing;

  • location video taping;

  • video frame captures, digital $can for prints or film;

  • video Compression for the web

Web Design

We offer you a quality web design service carried out by an experienced and imaginative design team. Our team works closely with you -actively encouraging a two-way communication process and gaining a good understanding of your target audience to ensure that business requirements are met. The resulting site should be functional, attractive and easy to navigate. We use 3 wide range of design technologies including


  • Java, java script, VB script, part,

  • PHP, ASP:

  • Flash, shockwave, video and audio

  • You may choose any platform you like

  • MS Windows Vista, XP. NT/2000,

  • Linux,


Our hosting possibilities will be enough to any needed of your business. We also offer top qualities professional web hosting (placement and support) of physical/virtual servers. We can offer you a difference service, which can be ordered in any quantity but only with the best quality:

Domain services:

The domain services include the registration of a domain name and the basic installation of the required name service information on your domain name servers. Also we supply redirect from new name to the old location of our website. If your business need sub domain for your website, we’ll do this.

Mail services:

Mail services are the base of e-business and we offer you all of them (e-mail boxes, e-mail aliases, e-mail forwarding, auto answering machines and ail list for your e-business).

Security services:

Of course, you may change your ftp password. protect your directories by additional passwords and backup of the content Of Your website.

IT Consulting

We can help YOU to define the meaning of e-business and information technologies in our own business, find the most useful ways to organize the information infrastructure, find the LAN to solve your problems and show internet to store your resources.

Everything changes in the IT world and the only constant is the main idea of IT-make the business easier, faster, better and more interactive. Let to work your computers and let your people make the decisions.

Our consultants will work with you, taking your content and ideas and translating them into a workable website or information infrastructure of Your company. They will show how it could work. As technology changes, we will help you equip your business with the latest technologies.