Our mission is to produce different type of animated content including feature film, TV serial; edutainment and docudrama to entertain and making social awareness for the mass people. We also build up a huge number of trained and efficient animator who will earn a lot of foreign currency to help the economy of Bangladesh.

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Web Design

We offer you creation and support of servers for small/medium/large businesses, conceptual design, programming, graphics, registration, installation and management of servers/websites on the internet. Development of interactive cgi and java version, professional banner network, virtual stories, rating services, search engine, auctions.

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3D Animation, Computer Graphics

We offer clients a full range of services for broadcast. video or multimedia. We produceTVcommercial. public awareness build-UP filler. corporate/industrial videos, 3D modeling and others.Contact us for all your digital content needs-from a single frame .

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The main goal of “Animedia Arts” is to develop top-quality 3D Animation Services you need. We provide world class animation, computer graphics, web design and hosting based on cutting-edge technologies and advanced quality assurance process.

Animedia Arts” works with all kind of customer requirements ranging from general target setting to detailed specification. You will be satisfied with the visibility of production process and we hope you’ll be back more than once.

Animedia Arts” officially operates on the world animation market since 2006 when it was established company by a few groups of well experienced Animators and IT professionals. Today, we are proud to have a strong team of professionals that satisfied the highest standard of local Animation market.